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May 27, 2011

Join the Yates Brothers this week from the tropical and lush Yates Estate in Oahu, Hawaii.( I hear Corken's satlink runs on macadamia nuts) Wild cats, buddah thieves, bloody mary's and Oahu kona. Movie of the week is so easy, bet everything but the good china. A Monty Python Moment, the return of Ricky Bobby aka Jr.High aka Badonkadonk Kid aka Buddah the Hut aka Ziggy Farley...(ok I did make one of those up...)

This week CY gets to take a time out with a notoriuos rhyme duo from Niagara Falls, Mike and Phil from Soul Alignment. They've been bringing the funk est 2005, take a phat pull of this intellect laced hip-hop joint, it's sure to satisfy. Solid slices of the new LP "Live Life" paired with Clyborn's interview prowless make this pow wow an instant classic.

Local rhythme provided by Black Heart Republic, Talas, Johnny Soul, Train w/o Tracks and 10,000 Maniacs.