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Mar 28, 2015

We're Talking Wraaaaaaastling on the Show tonight, well, that and whatever the hell else we want to talk about. Its a short-staff tonight, not in hieght, or stature for that matter, but just because we are without Buff and is sick (Buff) and one is lost in a mystery....Watch us baby!

Mar 28, 2015

Outspoken Common Core critic and Buffalo math teacher Jeff Gross aka MC Zill joins Noah in studio with fiancee Katie Ann to freestyle education.

Mar 21, 2015

It's March, it's Madness, it's Meat!!! And we are totally late, but we always are! "I don't care! You guys figure it out!" -Noah....

Mar 5, 2015

An in depth and penetrating interview with rock stuntmen Dark Eyes 55, as Noah is joined by Aaron and Jim in studio, and Chaz and Drew via the phonewaves.

Aaron announced his candidacy for Mayor of Buffalo and plans to truly shock the Hard Rock stage with an unprecedented act, we debuted a never before heard track...