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Nov 27, 2010

Yowza, Yowza, Yowza,

Tonight is going to be a good one gentlemen and ladies, i can feel it....and trust me, i know what the good shows feel like (like a good at 3 o'clock in the ol' PM, and a nice steady Drunk at 6 in the PM). Please excuse me if this message is a bit too short, or even a bit too long depending on how you judge length....but, sometimes with the best of shows comes the least of time to thing about doing the Sippin' Skotch Program that many do not realize is that to get to the point of inebriated-intoxication that it requires to keep one's compusre on the ark, it takes a lot of time and a fair amount of Canadien Leaf....and Michelob....

Put down your Jack Johnson LP and pick up your internet connection to tune in to the program where we will be joined by The Merchants of Erie, a brand new group, hot hot hot, out of B'lo....They're ripping it up, taking names, and holding places in line for their friends.....Ben, Gabe, Ashley, Yoav (yes Yoav), and Tristan are gonna be with us to answer your calls at 716-402-4218, answer the hard questions, and take on all Challenges!

It's coming on Thanksgiving and the day before will be a big night....oh that's tomorrow......we gotta go buy beer.....Join us, it'll be a blast.....

Stay Sippin',
Skat Jones
Cornelius the Human
the Ambassador
the Professor Charles Louis
Buff the Mgaic Dragon