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Sep 26, 2010

Yowza Yowza Yowza,

Just like a late night hook-up gone terribly-right, the Sippin Skotch Program is back for another fun-filled-action-packed-show with excess, laughs, prat-falls, and Nate Dawg. With summer totally out of the picture now, and fall steadily approaching it only seems fitting that before we make our usual sacrifice to the harvest-moon that we get together on the ark and pray for a good season of planting, panting, and ranting. Little did you know my fair reader but the show is steadily approaching its 1-year Anniversary... (once we figure out when this actually started, it seems like it has been going on forever ((in a good way)) ).

Tonight on the show we are going to be joined, for your listening pleasure, by a rag-tag bunch of hoodlums with dirty faces and skinned-knees. This show is gonna be a grab-bag-of-guests what with Shawnzee from the Cali, Amy from the Mujunz, Frank and Jay from the Into-your-own, I know I'm looking foreward to this, I hope you are! Tonight we're gonna be talking about all sorts of goodness, everything from what to do with that old bicycle in your garage, that old pair of jeans, and that bottle of skotch you've been saving (drink it).

So i must plead with you my fair reader, to listen to the program tonight, where-ever you are in this crazy-world we live in, because not only does it mean that we'll be back next week, but it means you care, and that's the most important part, right? There will of course be Michelobs, Jack-a-lobs, Mack-a-lobs, Turnstiles that are In-Style, Out of Print copies of the Communist Manifesto, Tumbling, Fumbling, and nothing that you wouldn't want to stick inside you....

Stay Sippin',
Skat Jones
Cornelius the Human
the Ambassador
Buff the Magic Dragon
Guenevere Frilly-Titty-Lace