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Oct 22, 2009

We used to like Mr. Caribbean.  We thought he was the best.  But as it turns out, he is just a giant douche.  Tune in this week for the most awkward interview of all time, along with the usual chaos.

Noah's Band of the Week - The Skiffle Minstrels, pure Buffalo skiffle, at its finest.  Paul, aka Skeet Willie, joins the show to discuss the history of the movement and the many lives in this Western New York.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - Holland, NY, and it's about time that we got around to it.  Although, Mr. Caribbean does provide the weirdest interview/hang up ever.  We're still not sure what happened.

All this and much more this week with Carl, Portnoi, and the return of Mr. History here on the flagship show of the enterprise known as All WNY Radio.  Thanks for listening.