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Aug 27, 2008

Noah's Band of the Week - TRIGLACTAGON, a group of wacked out space aliens from Rochester treat us to a few gooey tunes we shall never forget.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - As if Macedon wasn't enough, we pull in Walworth to round out the endeavor.  Mr. History tells us about the early settlers of the region and their dark but predictable fate.

The Stapp Infection - DMX simply can't win every week.  So we veture outward to see what other scumbags of the music industry are up to.  And we check in with DMX cussing at a judge.  Classy!

Jerry Falwell joins the show to provide the weather, we go over the list of the 23 Most Annoying Frontmen, and we are joined by Senator John McCain to discuss his presidential aspirations, in addition to many other special guests and insanity.