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Jul 31, 2010

After a few weeks in Aruba, airing our junk, Metal Inquisition returns to the webwaves with an episode dedicated to the bands that give back. The first two blocks consist of some fine WNY Punk for all to revel in, Ball Cheeze Psychotics and Painkillers are the first to step forward and say,"Hell Ya we'll play House Party", that being said, it's still an open invite to mic for any who want the attention. We'll be On Air live for HP 13 as well as archiving the a/v for posterity. Free Food, BYOB. The third block is chock full o metally goodness from bands appearing at Burt Stock on the 14th. If you like what you hear come on out to Burt NY for the Burt Stock Fest and party hard. Metal News, always a good story or two to share with the minions. There's also a special close to this show, the second annual Pheadra Shannon B-Day Block, where I play a very special albumside from her personal stash. May she be resting in peace.

---Ball Cheeze Psychotics House Party Primer Block---
1-I Don't Know(Live at Evening Star 2009)
2-B Movie Xtra(Same)
3-Go Away(Live at The Icon 2006)
4-Every Other punk Song(Same)
5-Baltic Ave.(Live at Evening Star 2010)
7-Crazy Kitty Lady(Unreleased from Rock, Paper, Scissors)
---Painkillers House Party Primer Block---
8-Go Where You Wanna Go(Live at Golden Key Tavern 2006)
9-West Valley(Same)
12-Evolve(Live at Mohawk Place 2010)
---Burt Stock Block---
14-Hold It High-Old Man River
15-Once By The Pacific-The Plague(demo)
16-Calamity From The Skies-The Demiurge
17-Paradyme-Welcome To Paradyme
18-Dead Before Dawn-Hello...My Name Is Death
19-NecronomicoN-Into The Fire
---2nd Annual Pheadra Shannon B-Day Albumside---
21-Tune in to find out
23-what I chose from her
25-personal collection