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Jun 19, 2009

This week on Metal Inquisition, we run a lean ship, mostly a double-shot o' thon, cramming our 2 hours this week with nothing short of metal ambrosia, sure to fill your growling bellies and satiate the hunger within. A few premiers, we "Bridge The Gap" this week to Santa Cruz CA, Dallas TX, Norway, United Kingdom and even a stop at Ontario Canada. Metal News from abroad...Talk of Janice Dickenson's dirty old leather cherio as well as some quality time with Tredd and a witness named Homz...sorry it's late again, better late than never! Here's a list of cut throats and nardowells that can't believe that Ratt is back in the studio...

1-Beyond Death-Syphilupagus
2-  "      "  -Devil's Hole
3-The World After Torment-Into Hell
4- "   "      "     "    -Rectal Bleaching
5-The Wheezing Stumblers-Rage I Spit
6- "      "        "    -Trickle Trickle
7-Bloodshoteye-Killing Time
8-    "       -Be My Victim
9-Hilbora-Manchurian Canidates
10-  "   -Hilbora
11-Rigor Mortis-Bodily Dismemberment
12-   "     "  -Foaming At The Mouth
13-Brain Pollution-Technological Extermination
14-   "      "    -March Of The Ents
15-Elmira Punk Division-F Bomb
16   "     "       "   -Peter Piper
17-Loss For Words-Conspiracy
18-  "   "   "   -Harsh Reality
19-A Band Of Orcs-Warcheifs Of The Apocalypse
20-"  "    "   " -Bring Out Your Dead
21-Avulsion-Self Hypnosis
22-   "    -Black Line Crimes
24-   "   -Bloody Hands
25-Carcass-Syposium Of Sickness
27-Rule-Matter Of Time