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Jun 12, 2009

A welcome back of sorts, the 2 week absence was a much needed respite. The show has moved to Friday nights until further notice, that's one of very few fringes I can take advantage be it. More metal than a scrapyard, we bring you the best of WNY as well as the world, to your doorstep for mass consumption, join us as we "Bridge the gap" to Chatanooga Tenn., Germany, Spain and even Switzerland. Here's a short list of malcontents that laughed and pointed when Brett Michaels took a falling stage set to the face:

1-Victim Of Sunday-Dozens More Lie Rotting
2-  "     "    "  -Eaten By Disfigured Creatures
3-Hyperion Blast-God Must Have Forgotten Were Here
4-   "       "  -Tightrope
5-Obliterate-Sacrificed In Blood
6-    "     -Welcome To Hell
7-Burn This City-That's Baby Makin Music
8-Product Of Hostility-Mass Genocide
9-Sounds Of Goodbye-Overcome
10-Kreator-Hordes Of Chaos
11-Face The Panic-Wasted
12-  "   "    "  -White Minority
13-Cicadian Drift-Cluster
14-Blast-White Trash Whorelord(live)
15-  "  _Fist Fuck(live)
16-The Primal Scream-Break Down till Your Broken
17-Random Victim-Cult Classic
18-Josemaki Crust Orchestra-Noumena
19-    "      "       "    -Faluya
20-Medicated Silence-Premonition
21-Kennedy Carpool-Escaping Myself
22-Dead Hearts-Marathon
23-Milque Lizard-Dimebagged at The Apollo
24-  "       "  -The Glorious Nosebleed
27-ALBUMSIDE + BONUS TRACK(Tune in and find out!)