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Sep 26, 2010

Metal Inquisition goes to a dark place this week, where the trolls wait under bridges and the sharks swim circles in the waters of friendship...let us take a glance at the mosaic of humility. A Pluthera local music, peppered with some choice Live cuts from bands abroad, as well as some brand spanking new Thrash that is likely to give the Emo Kids a stroke. Here's a list of Dissidents and Aggressors that helped the dude vent this week;

1-From This Day-I Thought I Knew You
2-Angry Chicken-Face To Face
3-Skinbound-Witch Hunt
4-Product Of Hostility-Premeditated
5-It Dies Today-Thank You For Drinking
6-Avulsion-Stakes On The Table
7-   "    -Scenesters
8-Done Deal-Cold Stare
9-Ball Cheeze Psychotics-Stiletto At My Throat
10- "     "        "    -Goodbye
11-Drunken Orgy Of Destruction-Watch The Clones Dance
12-Motorhead-Too Late
13-Drill-Over And Out
15-Indestructable Noise Command-God Loves Violence
16-Death Angel-River Of Rapture
17-Chaos UK-Selfish Few(Live)
18-Anthrax-My World(Live)
19-Torn From The Rest-A Lesson In Vein
20-Conteched-In Poor Company
21-Third In Line-Half Mast
22-Brain Car-No More
23-Murphy's Law-Push Comes To Shove
24-Seize The Soul-This Deception
25-Into Ruin-Alone At Last
---Super Secret Old School Albumside---
---Tune In To Find Out---