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Dec 6, 2008

This week we are joined by a killer band for a great interview.  We heard Dubtide first last week, as part of our feature of Fair Haven.  We were intrigued and had to hear more, and ended up having most of the band on the show for some good talk and fun, definitely worth a listen just like their tunes, of which we sample a handful.


Noahâs Band of the Week â Dubtide, a reggae, rock and indie outfit from the Oswego area.  With all the time weâve spent listening to bands out that way itâs a wonder weâve never heard of these guys before.  Jerritt and the gang join the show to talk about their project and where itâs going.


Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns â Avon, NY, home to Monkey in a Bottle, Eyes of Ambition, Social Currency, among others, has faced a tragic past, as shockingly has most of western New York, as we learn from Mr. History every week. 


The Stapp Infection â Terrorists have forced the cancellation of Live Earth, Thumb begins his new feature One Word Album Reviews with his take on Chinese Democracy and Britneyâs new album, and the rumors are getting serious.  We are forced to make plans for the end timesâa Creed reunion.


All this and much more insanity with Jerry Falwell, Buddy Nuggs, slide whistle and more this week on the show.  And please send your questions for our new feature "ASK MAMA THUMB!"  Email us at, myspace us at, or call us at 716-989-4427 with your questions and confusions about life, the world, Thumb, or whatever.