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Nov 1, 2018

Scott Leffler joins the crew as the discussion with Nick Landers comes to a conclusion! Plus, music from Exham Priory in the Season 2 Finale!

Oct 26, 2018

Nick Landers of Inherent Vice joins Nick & Dan for Part 1 of their 2-part season finale!! Plus, a live cut from Inherent Vice!

Oct 5, 2018


Aug 3, 2018

Nick & Dan get an earful from their co-host, Carl "Mr. Skeleton" Winslow, plus Seven Faces members Jason and Scott sit down for a chat. Then, a performance from Seven Faces!

Jul 13, 2018

Nick & Dan get a visit from N&D Show regular Professor Lelan, under his rockstar guise with YELLOW SAUCE! See as the saucy Ryan, the historical Lelan, and the wild BobPaul Nana, party down with the boys, then perform a song!