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Oct 30, 2008

This week as we wind down the work cycle, many people are preparing for this weekends festivities...concerts galore, parties, candy and for some of us, the only time of year we are truly happy...The Special All Hallows Eve Edition this week is jam packed with killer tunes, a small group of the voices in my head join...

Oct 24, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen it is getting cold here in WNY.  What other excuse could there be for doing multiple shots when you are about to host a radio show?  Hmmm...well Noah remembers some parts of this show, and thank goodness the rest is here, for the record.  Enjoy.

Noah's Band of the Week - Sleeping Giant and the Word...

Oct 23, 2008

This weeks Metal Inquisition is more of what you want, more of what you need and more of what I think the world needs, METAL. 18 Tracks including a few Premiers to the show, as well as a few Salutes to Bands of yesterday. The Head 2 Head Battle this week features Liquid Violence Vs. Gutpile(Whose got the better PIT?)...

Oct 17, 2008

The intro is, well, quite disturbing this week.  But there's a method to our madness, kind of, and that is the beauty of completely free, unhindered and uninhibited radio.

Noah's Band of the Week - Titanium Black.  I think Thumb pretty much says it all.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - Attica, NY, home to the...

Oct 16, 2008

This week we do a cram show, pressing the envelope to make it by the deadline, a long weekend for me, caught us slackin'. 18 Tracks for your WNY Scene listening pleasure. News, Views, Comic Relief, We Pit If Hope Dies against Canto V this week in a Head2Head Battle...whose more METAL?