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Jun 25, 2008

Noah's Band of the Week - Christopher Bell, a folky from the Southern Tier who regularly tours all over the US of A and will be embarking shortly on a "Canoe Tour" up Erie Canal, down the Hudson, all the way from Buffalo to NYC.  Seriously.  He tells us all about it.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - This week we dropped...

Jun 19, 2008

The Metal Inquisition Show brings you the Heaviest local bands from the WNY area...this weeks 12 tracks continue to satisfy like a snickers...

The Head2Head Battle this week pits Siege A.D. up against Hyperion Blast in a no holds barred sudden death bout, Death Metal VS. Doom decide whose tune I post just by...

Jun 12, 2008

Back to basics this week, 13 tracks, including a classic we'll open the casket for...Head2Head Battle between The Red Death and Three Minutes Of Hate...who'll get that spot on the MI Media Player? decide!!! Also a brand spankin' new Red With Envy track you won't want to miss!!!  

Jun 5, 2008

After a week off, due to Hard Drive issues, the show returns in full force! More classics from yester year when we "open the casket"...several times, manys new bands premier, as well as a Head2Head Battle, BLAST VS. BODY BORN STILL. Need I say more?

Jun 4, 2008

An unusual show, the boys commented on the fun of House Party IX while reviewing the tape and adding even more fun. 

Band of the Week - FROZENBONES, a cool two man hard rock outfit out of Rochester.