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Dec 11, 2008

Here at, we are winding down the year, the second last Metal Inquisition episode of the year is proof positive, we're going out with a bang for 2008. 15 tracks from our areas heaviest acts, we "bridge The Gap" this week to Phily, with Total Fucking Destruction, a band that lives up to their name! A Head2Head Battle between Spater and Mass Casualty, "Whose got metal balls?" Last weeks Head2Head ended in a tie, rather than have a tie breaker, I'll post both tunes from both bands.(A first ever...) We open the casket for a band from the past, as well as a "balls to the walls" track of the week, somehow we managed to stuff a premier in the mix as's the grocery list of doom...

1-Product Of Hostility-Premeditated
2-Surrender The Hope-Rotting Pony Show
3-The Year Of Arson-Double Dragon
4-Darkling-Rosetta Stone(Live@Maggies NYE06)
5-Imbroglio-Excavating The Killing Fields
6-Avulsion-All My Heros Are Dead
7-   "    -Shameful Trophies
8-Total Fucking Destruction-Monsterearth Megawar
9-  "      "         "     -Non Existence Of Self
11-Crucifist-Demon Haunted World
13-Mass Casualty-One Nation Divided
15-Abdicate-Forged In Ruin
16-Circadian Drift-25th Hour
17-He The Hero-Tickled Pickle