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Nov 27, 2008

The Metal Inquisition brings you a very special "Turkey Day" episode. 18 Tracks in about an hour featuring some of the Heaviest acts in our area. 7 Premiers to keep it fresh, a Head2Head battle between King Snyder and Done Deal, whose more Hardcore? We even managed to open the casket for Bands of the past a few times. While it's Halftime, after Naptime, or anytime 24/7 is a good time to tune into this years Holiday Pay Day Episode. Here's a list of fellow slackers who didn't work today either...

1-Jimiraz-Heavy Metal
2-Carnal Dissection-Bathe In Vomit
3-S.I.N.-Let's Shed Some Blood
4-Miscreant-Last Day Of The Condemned to Death
5-Steel Kingdom-Ride
6-Brain Car-Spiders
7-Into Ruin-Not Exactly Work
8-Serenity Falls-The Stanger
9-NKOTR-Gimme A Gun
10-De Fex-Do It For Daddy
11-King Snyder-America Inc.
12-Done Deal-Cold Stare
13-Never Ending Process-Nowhere To Run
14-The Apologies-Hit It Like You Mean It
15-Children In Heat-Let's All Go Have A Drink
16-When Words Mean Nothing-This Hurts Me
17-The Voodoo Dollies-High
18-Super Secret Holiday Pay Day Bonus Track!