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Jun 26, 2009

Metal Inquisition hits hard this week like a piece of "Blue Ice" from above or a brick wall on a riceburner doing 90...A few premiers bringing new and fresh magma to the surface, Metal News from the world, some of it very, very scary.(As if you were in the stall next to Larry Craig and he started tapping his foot scary.) A broad horizon of metal flavors for all to swirl and spit to...We "Bridge The Gap" this week to Florida, Alabama, California, Pennsulvania the United Kingdom and Germany. We close the show this week with a very special album side simulation from Beers Metal and a fun drinking game to play while listening... Here's the shortlist of metal heads who could care less about anything having to do with pop music, much less the king of pop.

1-From This Day-2 2 5
2-Penetration-Return To Sodom
3-Armcannon-Megaman 2 Wily
4-Vile Vindiction-Visions
5-Chaos Symphony-Bullet to the Brain
7-Sicetor-Heathen Blood
8-Ayurveda-Live To Grow
9-   "    -Army Of Me LIVE
10-Angels Beneathe Me-This Art Is Suicide
11-Burn Everything-Your Weapon Is Guilt
12-Common Grave-Casualty
13-Ontogeny-Truth In Worth
14-Bone Deep-Hide and Seek
15-Ball Cheese Psychotics-Sittin By Myself LIVE
16-  "    "        "     -At The Mall
17-Stemm-House of Cards
18-Electric Wizard-Wizard In Black
19-Total Fucking Destruction-Kill the jocks and eat their brains
20-   "      "        "     -Youth Apocalypse Right Now

21-BEERS METAL-(Drinking Game Block)-Beer Run
22-  "     "  -Drink Beer
23-  "     "  -Who Cares
24-  "     "  -Free Beer