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Apr 21, 2011

This week Clyborn whips out the aluminum foil radar dish via Niagara Falls, NY, from his luxurious manse. Unsupervised, but quite mellow, Uncle Clyborn brings you the crazy sponsers, Yolanda's Wisdoms and a Monty Python Moment.

An interview this week with a man who moved to WNY years ago to join a band some may have heard of...The Road. The eloquent and illustrious Bobby Lebel, a notorious scenster, self taught musician and frontman of The Headers. Soak in the interrogative prowless of the C Man and the answers provided by Mr. Lebel's rapier whit, along with a few LIVE bars of various songs provided by this audio dynamo.

Local grooves from Flipside, Tommy and the Two Tones, The Wynne Band and Black Heart Republic.