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Aug 31, 2012

Clyborn and Chloe make camp at her bungalo in Canoga Park, intoxication and stimulation ensue. Rude calls, Alex the servant(Chloe's Boy Toy...), a Monty Python Moment, questionable sponsers you adore, listener Email, Darwin Awards(Gas Bandit Thwarted-Onion Ring Toss), medicinal enlightenment and a Movie of the Week that will leave you wondering where it is that Uncle gets these steamers from...

An interview with a band that defies genres and labels, to quote CY, "your Lincoln Park meets the Devil...", whether it's an accurate description or not is for you the listener to decide as Clyborn and Chloe welcome Scott, Danny, Rob and Rex from Sicsin. Topics of discussion include, state of the current music industry, gig horror stories, Swellmart guitars and how completely interesting Rex's blue grass band idea is.

Soundtrack provided by Goo Goo Dolls, Flyin' Blind Blues Band, John Brady and the Reinhardts, Taylor Made Jazz, Johnny Soul and the siren song of the patron saint and her 10000 Maniacs.