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Jul 29, 2011

Two words, it's such a very simple concept, common sense. What is common sense you ask? I give a variety of examples, look both ways before you cross the road came in number one when asking my peers.

Cursive we can live without I suppose, but the lack of basic common sense?. It's a shame and certainly a sign of the times. Conceptual discourse included right of way, crosswalks, a story of near death in the backwoods of PA, why I should be able to invoke "Thumb's Law" on people who talk or text on cell phones while driving.(Think an airhorn and a number two pencil, fill in your own blanks) Checking food dates, cutting the cheese, unless it's funky, refer to Beamer's Law, perhaps even read the instructions. Blasphemy? I think not. It's common sense. I also veer off into the real reason I never drink and drive. Ever.