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Aug 14, 2010

To All You Skotch Sippers and Well Wishers,

Another wonderful Tuesday Evening has come upon us again and when its Tuesday Night in America.. you know what to do.... crack a bunch of beers and join us for the Sippin' Skotch Program... crack all the beers at once, pour them in a big bowl and pour it all over your mouth/body. Once all of the beer has soaked into your skin through your open-pores jot down a Michelob or two and throw it up on the Michelob discussion board, or even better.... Call 402-4218 in the 716 at about a lil' after 9 and join in the fun.

The humidity on the Ark is pretty killer which of course calls for us to drink more and more, which always makes for a great show. This past week was the AllWNYRadio family picnic at the Ark, great times were had by all and thank-yous are in order to our gracious hosts Noah and Mrs. Noah.

Tonight we will be joined by the Professor, Guinevere, Buff, Capt Jen, and her First Mate Grace. We will be discussing things of great importance... secret alliances, the absence of the Ambassador, what to do in Vegas when you're dead, how leaves change, the reason for the season, the time space continuum, and how rugs work....

Join Us... or else...

Stay Sippin',

Skat Jones
Cornelius the Human
the Ambassador
the Professor Charles Louis
Buff the Magic Dragon
and Guinevere Frilly Titty Lace