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May 28, 2010

This week we are joined by two old friends in studio, one of whom, Kyle from Kennedy Carpool, auditions for the vaunted 3rd Mic.  Kyle goes straight for the throat and fits right in.  We also debut the first ever Noah's Ark Premium Podcast, with bonus material after the end of the live broadcast.  Tune in to hear some true behind the scenes nonsense.

Noah's Band of the Week - Rob Livid, our old friend, joins us in studio to discuss some of his projects over years, in particular Arkathon vets Livid Lemon and Lollipop.  Rob has many other projects and tunes to play, so we'll have him back in the near future to explore those as well.

The Stapp Infection - Slipknot loses a number, and I wonder, does 3 now become 2?  Or how do they work that?  Governor Crist is sued in an eerily similar debacle to the Browne vs. McCain affair.  And Suge Knight?  Well, he's still Suge Knight.

Tweets of the Week - Ke$ha and Katy Perry conspire to upstage Courtney Love, and predictably, they fail.  Billy Corgan makes us all get serious for a second and Bieber continues to annoy.