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Mar 27, 2014

It's the Lent show, and Noah polls the audience and Joe to find out what everyone has given up, like good Christian lads. As the crew samples some Juxtaposse they discuss the effects of the Noah's Ark Curse - destroying bands - and check out Buffalo Folk Heroes. There's breaking news from the Southern Tier, marihuana related of course, and Noah tries to determine which All WNY Radio studio has been more lethal. Andrew Reimers is the next music break and then it's the epic West Virginia Party Line bit, complete with Debbie connecting to some lonely gentlemen and then being rejected in a most coarse fashion. In the Stapp Infection there's embezzlement from Pearl Jam, robbery from Bieber, trauma for poor Chris Brown, and a run for Congress for Clay Aiken that Noah surprisingly is all for. Finally Noah reminds the public to just say NO! And we learn if Joe is an empath.