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Oct 17, 2008

The intro is, well, quite disturbing this week.  But there's a method to our madness, kind of, and that is the beauty of completely free, unhindered and uninhibited radio.

Noah's Band of the Week - Titanium Black.  I think Thumb pretty much says it all.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - Attica, NY, home to the infamous Attic Prison Riot of the early '70s.  Mr. History has much to say about this and we check out some actual audio.  Oh yeah and there's some bands there too.

The Stapp Infection - Stapp Obits, Stapp Legal, and Stapp Stapp.  There you have it, and our winner is just a whiny douchebag.

TI swings by the studio for an interview and for most of it makes no sense at all, preferring to kill everything in site as the studio becomes an all out war zone.  Falwell gives us the weather and Carl's movie review is, well, disturbing as promised.