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Feb 27, 2010

One last shot in the dark this week, a final placement on the alter of Metal Mayhem. We also announce a final timeslot move to 10pm Saturdays, this being the final stroke of the blacksmith's hammer, it seemed more than appropriate. Premiers galore from many old-schoolers I deemed worthy of closing the celebration episode chain. Earthquake survivors from Chile, Aliens abducting audio, engineers hard at work on a web site domain name malfunction and Metal News, some very disappointing. Here's the grocery list of malcontents who helped us close the 7 part series properly;

1-Indestroy-Dead Girls Don't Say No
2-Hallows Eve-Death and Insanity
3-Jerry's Kids-This is Boston, Not LA-Straightjacket
4-Green Jello-Little Pig, Little Pig
5-Exodos-Strike of the Beast(Live 2008)
6-Megadeth-Sweatin Bullets(Live 2009)
7-Coroner-Skeleton On Your Shoulder
8-White Zombie-Acid Flesh
9-Avulsion-Operation Yellowfruit-Tales From Somalia
10-Septic Death-Always Show Your Hardware
11-C.O.C.-Broken Will-Rabid Dogs
12-Onslaught-Power From Hell
13-Assassin-Abstract War
14-M.O.D.-Cap'n Crunch
15-Suicidal Tendencies-Send Me Your Money
16-Malevolent Creation-Violent Offspring(Demo 1989)
17-Venom-Raise The Dead(Demo)
18-Old-school mystery concert bonus-