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Nov 20, 2009

This is known in the deepest darkest circles as episode #97 of Metal Inquisition. As we trek toward our goal of a 100th Episode Celebration, we continue to uphold the high standards required to provide you with WNY's weekly metal dose, ah, that's a bunch of horse shit, I crank Metally Goodness for you to trash hotel rooms to, when you listen, somethings going to get broke.(so just expect it) Speaking of hotel rooms, Metal news this week is chock full of stories that will stimulate whatever is left under your mullet...We "Bridge The Gap" to CA, NJ, and the UK to spice things nicely, as well as a few premiers from bands new to the show. Here's a grocery list of malcontents who agree, Mayhem should have had some blood in the media heist...

1-Amatsu-Dark Ages
2-Liquid Violence-AsI
3-Nation Underground-Reefer Madness
4-The Year Of Arson-Earth Girls Are Easy(LiveatJukebox)
5-Hold It High-Ignorance Is Relief
6-Billy Mays War Machine-Rebirth of Cleansing
7-Towpath-Skrotum With No Testies
8-Knife Down Danger-Three Fifths
10-Phobia-Abuse The Truth
11-  "   -Continue Insane
12-Dead River Poets-Blood Mares
14-Total Disregard-Break It
15-Morbid Sin-Nightstalker
17-Beyond Death-Devils Hole(LiveatTudorLounge)
18-A Band Of Orcs-Warcheifs of the Apocalypse
19-He The Hero-Kick It
20-Killing Spree-PTL(Preachers Telling Lies)
21-Section 8 Showdown-30 000 Dead and Rising-NASA(Basement Sessions)
Beerconomic Stimulus Package Sampler Block
22-Beers Metal-I Need A Beer
23-  "     "  -Drinking Is A Sport
24-  "     "  -Beerconomics

Garrett Robinson
over ten years ago

Yo Garrett here. I\'m the percussionist from Billy Mays War Machine and I\' super excited, as is the rest of the band, that you featured us in your radio show podcast. None of us including our manager know how you came across our myspace or what have you, but we are very glad you did. Whether you it was the topical subject matter of our lyrics, our creative riffs or our comedic band name, we couldn\'t be more excited for the future. To stay in touch with us further keep an eye on the following places:
(my blog, once learn how to use it)

And become a fan of us on facebook by searching our name \"Billy Mays War Machine\"

Thanks again WNY Radio Podcast Net, Hope to see you in the bizz

Garrett Robinson on behalf of Billy Mays War Machine