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Oct 24, 2010

An Oktoberfest style presentation this week, Thumb returns from a vacation, but nobody told the party goes on.

Mass quantities of local metal, a vinyl block, more Dundees, indecipherable slurring, questionable pronunciation and metal news. Some classic tracks of local bands past, a Balls To The Wall single, inebriation, tomfoolery, balderdash and a review of MTV2s Headbangers Ball in past weeks. The following checklist is an assortment of thugs and cads who agree, Serge Tankian needs to stay the hell away from "Headbangers Ball".

1-Canto V-The Relic
2-A Deeper Dark-Into The Night
3-Knife Down Danger-Truckstang
4-Machu Picchu-Why
5-Hellcannon-Act Of Violence
6-Avulsion-Tales of the Buzzhunters
7-   "    -Castaways New Clothes
8-   "    -Ozone 3 Post Partem
9-Baphomet-Infection Of Death(Live)
10-Venom-Teachers Pet-Poison(Medley)
11-Kreator-Toxic Trace
13-Armor Column-Where There's A War, There's A Way
14-Calamity From The Skies-Beauty and the Butcher
15-If Hope Dies-Nuked From Orbit
17-Indirect Threat-The Riot
18-Bloodshoteye-The Last Laugh
19-Unnatural Selection-Knifelicker
20-    "         "    -Violently Opposed to Violence
21-Excrecor-Parallel Harmonic Synchronicity
22-Black Cobra-Frozen Night