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Apr 29, 2010

After selflessly giving their time and energy in Haiti(The in flight food never tasted so good as the return trip eh?...Rat-on-a-stick gets old quick.), Clyborn and Sylvia return to the far left coast of Santa Cruz for some well deserved downtime. Oyster Shooters, Haitian Herbs and a new friend Claire DeLooney, dubbed the Margherita Girl. Local music from WNY, Movie of the week and an interview with a man who exudes compassion, literally dripping with the sweat from doing the heavy lifting here in WNY's Music Scene...a man who is unquestionably the ambassador of loquaciousness where interviews are concerned, acting President of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, Rick Matthews. Clyborn loses his "Kiddie-Gloves" and asks the really tough questions in this in-depth look at one of Buffalo's often overlooked phenoms. What do Raven, Moe and the guy that wrote "Over The Rainbow" have in common?...Tune in to find out!