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Apr 22, 2010

Clyborn and Sylvia take the week off again(Celebrity Rehab for Yates and America's Next Top Coffee Girl for Sylvia) and play you a classic show from 1992. Get your leopard g-string and sunscreen ready cuz' Clyborn flies off to the Brazilian Rainforest this time!(No doubt to purchase several native children and use them to "mule" mass quantities of illicit substances back to the States) Sylvia is conspicuously absent from this episode until the very end.(Listen Carefully)This episode features the dingy Folanda Sisters, Lola and Flowanda. Blues News with Lola, the lost John Lennon Mystery Disc(which was used as a coaster to serve crab cakes shortly after this), Incan Music(The Ballad of 2012?), a weather report by Flowanda, a Swamp Bowl update and fully packed with early 90's tune-age.(break out the flannel and Pearl Jam waterpipe...)