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Dec 30, 2011

Clyborn and Chloe join the Breakfast Club this week, now with 100% less Judd Nelson. Boot coffee, bloody marys, extreme slidewhistle, shady sponsers, unfounded snow references(or are they?), Chloe's Questions, inebriated banter and a Movie of the Week that showcases when movie making was imaginative and fun to watch, unlike now with the rehashed dribble and remake rennaisance.

A recap of the Flying Blind Blues Band interview with Damien Brady and John Gaeta. If you missed it the first time round, line up some shots, lose the kicks and prepare for some down and dirty WNY blues featuring cuts from their LP "Havin' Fun Feelin' Blue".

Local talent featuring Taylor Made Jazz, Johnny Soul, Talas and more including a live cut from the patron saint of the CY show, Natalie, sweet Natalie.