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Apr 22, 2010

Yowza Yowza *cough* Yowza,

Yeah man, it's gonna be, like, a real far-out show tonight, for real for real. It's, like, a big day in the world. The sun is shining, bird's are chirping, I got my four-foot-glass piece packed, and like.......other stuff too......

For our very special 420 episode we will be joined by one of the Skatman's favorite groups from Buffalo, The Whiskey Reverb!, the boys are gonna be in the studio with us, gnawing on the philosopher's stone, answering questions, taking calls, premiering they're new album, and talking about the if you want to call it that.

Along from playing the Whiskey Reverb, we also got some Bob Marley and Toots and the Maytals for you fine classy people. The Ambassador will also be making his comeback from the South. There will be Michelob
s, another episode of We Live Together, call ins, call outs, in calls, out calls, no kissing, coughing, humans and on-humans alike.

Join us tonight at 8pm, download the media player here:

Click on RADIO and search for AllWNYRadio under MIXED FORMAT.

Stay Sippin',
Skat Jones
Cornelius the Human
the Ambassador