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Jun 25, 2009

Thumb is under the weather this week, but Tredd Lemon and Rob Livid make up for it by joining us in studio.  Which doesn't stop us from calling Thumb to harass him.  We also call and harass Jenny from the Apologies and Eli Lowry.

Bootleg Blowout - We feature songs from Blues Traveler and Blue Oyster Cult, who recently passed through the area.

The Stapp Infection - We'll get to MJ's flush next week, until then we mock the New Kids for making weak excuses, ban Chris Brown, hear some Wilco in memory of Jay Bennett, and more.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - Axeville, NY.  The name really says it all.  We call Eli Lowry from Axeville, or maybe he's heard of Axeville...maybe he has a cousin from Axeville?  Mr. History picked this town.

All that and more this week on the show.  Dig in.