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Mar 19, 2009

Here in WNY the thaw has begun, the animals are restless, and so on the heavy tide the Ark is sailing strong out on the open water.  This week Thumb and Noah singlehandedly disarm nuclear weapons and battle raging hordes of animals throughout the show.

Noah's Band of the Week - Lemuria, a pop/punk/indie kinda outfit from the great Queen City of Buffalo, NY.  We sample 4 original tracks from this fresh sounding band.

The Stapp Infection - MJ sells out shows in a giant ticket reselling Ponzi scheme, or so we think.  Tupac's mom is suing, Amy Winehouse proves here Stapp worthiness yet again, and finally, what do you do if you're on trial for murder and your name is murder?  Change your name!

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - Spencerport, NY, home to many fine artists but first among them is Johnny Bauer, who joins the show to tell us about his early years in an Elvis costume up through his present day incarnation playing guitar and singing some sweet tunes.

All this and oh so mucho grande more, with Buddy, History, Carl, Jerry, and even an epic grudge match turned reunion with two wrestling legends, this week on the show.