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Jan 24, 2009

A camouflaged woodsman covered in blood wrestles with a gigantic enraged bear.  At least that's what we picture when we think of our band of the week.  We intro this week with a very special Name That Movie, an Obama song, and a scandalous BBC reporter caught out of breath.  More? decide.

Noah's Band of the Week - BEARHUNTER, part indie, rock and blues, with a diverse and engaging sound.  Bassist Robert Pusateri joins the show to discuss the blood covered warrior in the forest, and a few other things.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - Mr. History delivers the fifth and final chapter of his epic history of Ithaca, while we check out 6 more varied yet impressive bands as usual.

The Stapp Infection forces us to deal with celebrity resolutions, Jerry Falwell gives us the weather, Thumb delivers the Warcraft Minute and much much hoo boy whoa nelly so much more!!