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Jan 17, 2009

This is not only an amazingly epic show, but also an affirmation of why we so enjoy featuring local music here at All WNY  A stellar band of the week along with numerous great special guest visits makes it a well rounded Ark episode for the ages, even if it is sometimes a game show experience playing with the phone.  You'll see.

Noah's Band of the Week - Stemm!  Local hard rock/metal gods, who are crafting an amazing career for themselves and proving to be a fine example of what makes the scene so great.  They've toured nationally, become the soundtrack of the UFC, and played with bands like Damageplan, RUN-DMC, Godsmack and Slipnot, but always return to Buffalo to rock the hardest.  We get to heart of their success with Alex and Steve from the band in an amazing extended interview.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - We return again to Ithaca with another batch of groovin' bands with Pat Burke, The Neighbours, D.A.M.A.G.E., and more.  Mr. History lectures us further on the battle for Ithaca's soul.

The Stapp Infection - Short and sweet.  Have the celebretards finally cleaned up their act?

Special guest the Voice of God returns to our humble studio to decide which deities we can worship in the epic battle of God vs. Dudley.  Alaska Joe comes on for redemption and stays for relief, along with Pat Burke of Ithaca who joins the show in a surprise call and sheds some very interesting insight into why the Ithaca scene is so plentiful. 

We pile it on with Jerry Falwell, Thumb's WOW Minute, Buddy Nuggs, and Sling Blade Carl's Movie Review.  All in all, it's a little bit of everything this week, just how we like it.