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Dec 19, 2008

It's our last show for 2008, so we make it extra special, beginning with the intro song "The Ballad of Belsnickel", an epic Christmas song we guarantee isn't like the rest.  Tom and Gary of our band of the week happen to call in as soon as we start the show and subsequently are subjected to a Buffalo Bills song to end the curse of this season. 

Noah's Band of the Week - Zero Nerve Response, a grunge rock band from the Buffalo area.  The sound is original and the recordings self produced, a good blend for this band.  Tom and Gary join the show for an extended interview to bring us into the world of ZNR.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - Part II of the epic saga known as Ithaca, NY.  Mr. History continues his tragic bloodbath of a story of the town's origins.  We sample a new batch of area bands from this great and crazy town.

The Stapp Infection - A holiday gift, the disease is light on us this week with GNR suing and message board posting.

All this and much more with a special appearance by George W. Bush, the Weather with Jerry Falwell, the World of Warcraft minute, Sling Blade Carl's Movie Review, Buddy Nuggs Observations, and a heap of insanity this week on the show.  

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