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Dec 13, 2008

As always during our weekly treks with local music and entertainment, there are always surprises.  The show brings in the Name That Movie contest, TI for a little motivational talk, and Rush Limbaugh for a political reckoning.  All in all, it's a holiday smorgasbord to keep you warm in these chilly winter months.


Noah's Band of the Week - Tiger Cried Beef, a surf and psychedelic pop group with a unique twisted rock sound and a complex array of tunes.


Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - Part I of the epic saga known as Ithaca, NY.  Mr. History sets the stage for his glorious five part epic that will accompany the 30 local bands we'll sample over the next five shows.  We begin tonight with the Sim Redmond Band, Kevin Kinsella, Diamond Ricelli, Bone Jar, The Horse Flies and Locale.


The Stapp Infection - A strange coincidence between Coldplay and Satriani, lawyers abound.  DMX back in the news again??


All this and much more with Jerry Falwell, Sling Blade Carl's Movie Review, and a heap of insanity this week on the show.  Keep sending your questions for ASK MAMA THUMB to 716-989-4427,, and!