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Apr 24, 2010

This week Metal Inquisition sets the bar to new heights, a light Metal News week pans out for the listeners in the form of a few extra tracks stuffed into the two hour mullet fest. Take a look into the dark depths of "The Dudes"'s not what you think...I've got your Metally Goodness Fix right here! Thrash, Hardcore, Death and the like...take your pick and shine your shit-kickers, I guarantee something's getting broke during this episode. Lucky episode o the world's a list of inebriates and nardowells that contributed to your degeneracy this week...

1-Seize The Soul-Congrogation
2-He The Hero-Baby's Got Back Fat
3-Thought's Lost-Enduring The Unbearable
4-Blast-Devil Girl From Mars
5-For The Horde-Wow...I Just Got Knifed
6-In Tongues-World Wear
7-Grave Descent-Executioner Of Man
8-Into Ruin-Alone At Last
9-Psyopus-Duct Tape Smile
10-One Way Terror-Threat Level High
11-Mephistoph-Army Of The Dead
12-Imbroglio-Butterfly Children
13-Swashbuckle-Back To The Noose
14-     "     -We Sunk Your Battleship
16-Seita-Imprint Forever
17-Municipal Waste-The Art Of Partying
18-    "       "  -Headbanger Face Rip
19-Hellcannon-Act Of Violence
20-Nasty Trast-Hellride
21-Surrender The Hope-Pretty The Ugly
22-When Words Mean Nothing-In A Year I'll Be A Killer
23-The World After Torment-No Mercy For The Damned
DETHKLOK---DETHALBUM II---Sneak Peek Albumside o the Week---
24-Burn The Earth
26-Comet Song