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Dec 18, 2008

Here at TSR Studios, a subdivision of the family, we decided to go out for the year with a bang and a few surprises for one and all, naughty or nice. A 12-Pack of this areas heaviest acts, nicely bookended by two tracks I personally pulled from my Vinyl Collection to help one and all get in proper mindset to deal with the stress of the coming Holidays! Congrats to Spater, our final Head2Head Battle winner of 2008, watch for their song to post on our homepage on the MySpace Media Player! No fuss episode this week, recipe?...take lack of sleep, add some Holiday stress with a touch of job related discontent, wala' ,here's a glimpse into what drives people to madness this time of the year...

1-Mystery Track
2-Unholy Sacrifice-Skull Crusher
3-Nasty Trast-Losing Control
4-Jimiraz-Evil Minded Son Of A Witch
5-Fledgling Death-Feed
6-Murder The Witness-Call It Off
7-From This Day-I Lose Again
8-Hyperion Blast-Toy Trains and Track Marks
9-If Hope Dies-Burned Out
10-Bearhunter-White Crayon
11-The Spaztiks-Add
12-Ball Cheese Psychotics-At The Mall
13-Beers Metal-New Years Day
14-Mystery Track