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Mar 26, 2009

Appy-polly-logies are in order as I serve up your weekly dose of raw meat a little late, who's to blame?...Josh Smith? Noah Gokey? John from Kennedy Carpool, you betcha, as a matter of fact, why not blame everything that goes wrong today on him!!! He can take it!!! A late night's studio session sort of set me back in T.S.R. an hour or so...that being said, come and get it!!! New music from many of our local artists as well as bridging the gap to NJ, NH amd even The Netherlands. A Head2Head Battle facing off, Dead To The World and Angels Beneath Me, who gets the next spot on our MySpace Media Player, you vote in and decide. A Balls to the wall track that you need to crank loud and a few more clips from our sister show, Noah's Ark. All this wrapped in about an hour, here's this weeks list of wretches that would stab you in the good eye, just to see the look you give them with the bad one when they do it:

1-Fledling Death-Gladiator
2-Siege A.D.-Encumbered and Broken(Live)
3-A.12Gauge Tragedy-Cuntastrophe
4-Morax-Distraction Of Conflict
5-13 Tons Of Napalm-Destroy
6-The DeVills-To Glory and the Grave
7-Gorilla Punch-Get It Back
8-Overkill-Left Hand Man
9-Dead To The World-Clouds Below
10-Angels Beneath Me-Coathanger Abortion
11-Izegrim-End Of Time
12-Victim Of Sunday-Putrid Remains Of Rotten Flesh
13-Knife Down Danger-Truckstang
15-The Wheezing Stumblers-Sailing(Live 2007 Club Diablo)
16-Ball Cheese Psychotics-Not yet
17- "    "      "        -Stiletto At My Throat
18-Piss Whors-Hippie Song