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Mar 19, 2009

This weeks Metal Inquisition will truly bring out the "beast" in one and all. A special old schooler dedication block, fresh tunes aplenty as well as a few premiers. A Head2Head Battle between As His Kingdom Crumbles and Mephistoph is sure to get all the Minions wild eyed and glossolalia...a cool plug for a cool show you shouldn't miss, a "Balls To The Wall" Track and Metal News both local and worldwide. We "Bridge The Gap" to Germany, Netherlands and England as well this week for some peppering of Metal Flavor. Here's the shortlist of scenesters worldwide standing in line to kick Corey Taylor in the groin for a small sense of gratification:

1-Penetration-Return To Sodom
3-Bleed For Me-Phobophobophobia
4-Asphyx-Death the Brutal Way
5-Destruction-Death Trap
6-Exodos-Funeral Hymn
7-As His Kingdom Crumbles-Julianna Wetmore Meets Goatse
8-Mephistoph-Army of the Dead
9-Soul Release-Hills of Skulls
10-Elmira Punk Division-Anal Sex Balls Deep
11-Steel Kingdom-Lost
12-It's A Trap-Steel Catharisis
13-Surrender The Hope-Pretty The Ugly
14-Mutant-Wreck Your Neck