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Jan 22, 2009

*This is part three of the Make-Up-Sex-Like-Triage, Bon Apetite'

This weeks Metal Inquisition hits hard like a drunk Soccer fan headbutting you in the bridge of the nose, we continue to bring the Heaviest music from our area and areas around us, as well as throwing in a few national acts, some you know, some you may not...Bam just like Emeril, we keep it fresh...This weeks Head2Head Battle between Nobody Lives Forever and Indirect Threat, the question...o who cares...Congrats to last weeks winners Calamity From The Skies, who have truly proven that Alligators do indeed walk on their hind legs and devour little baby children when their music is played at the right volume!!! Alot of local and international news, as well as a special dedication or's a checklist of the miscreants that blew out Grannies hearing-aid this week:

1-The Red Death-Regression
2-Done Deal-Done Deal
3-Thinksobrain-Burning The Bush(GWB Remix)
5-Face The Panic-Shell of a Man
6-Dropclutch-Over and Over
7-Nobody Lives Forever-Wounds, Bloodstains and Ricochets
8-Indirect Threat-Slipping Away
9-Righteous Pigs-Turmoil
10-Wasteful Youth-Collateral Damage
11-Painkillers-Radiation(Live 2006)
12-Molotov Cocktail-Going To China
13-The City Creeps-Find It In Yourself
14-Rational Animals-Perception Becomes Reality
15-Vile Vindiction-Phantom
16-Rogues-The Buddy System
17-Slayer-Criminally Insane
18-Dead To The World-End It Now