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Jan 15, 2009

*(This is part 2 of the MI make-up sex triage!...enjoy!)

This weeks Metal Inquisition is the second try at the new format, worked a few bugs out and managed to crank out a dozen local artists intermingling with a few VERY Classic national acts. This weeks Head2Head Battle pits The Year Of Arson against Calamity From The Skies, whose more likely to...ah ah ah, you should just listen...Congrats going out to last weeks H2H Winners, Mortalum, clearly the fans have decided that they wear the studded leather cod-piece better...Metal News, has El Duce really returned from the dead? decide...all this in about an hour, no tip necessary...Here's a brief composium of the Freaks that helped us to continue the battle against the Non-Metal World:

1-3 Minutes Of Hate-Hostile Intent
2-Dayglo Abortions-Euthanasia Day
3-  "        "    -How Low Will You Go?
4-Some Kind Of Hell-When The Lights Went Out
5-Red With Envy-Red With Envy
6-Brain Pollution-Media Lobotomy
7-Fledgling Death-Shut Your Pie Hole
8-The Year Of Arson-No Downers
9-Calamity From The Skies-Titan Crusher
10-Motorhead-Rock Out
11-Knife Down Danger-The Burning(Mansoned)
12-The Meatmen-Pope On A Rope
13-Hyperion Blast-A Long Nap Before Dying
14-The Mentors-Suck For Rent
15-Siege A.D.-Front Line
16-Beers Metal-Buy Your Own Liver
17-The Voodoo Dollies-Problem