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Sep 30, 2011

CY simulcasts this week from the Yates Estate in SF CA, inbetween tuning his gaggle of assorted musical instruments and waxing his Prius collection, somehow he finds time to unshealth the slidewhistle, scarf a slider and record a show for his fans. All the shady sponsers, indecipherable banter and local music you know and love. Now new and improved?...with 100% less Blues News... Movie of the week is relatively easy for the 30+ crowd, for those that know the director and year, please, your family misses you, your going to have to leave the house sooner or later...

A facinating, yet dated interview with a man whose name could be considered one of the top 10 manliest names ever. The exalted John Martini joins Clyborn for an indepth look at his humble beginnings, from a shoebox with rubberbands, to a Norma and eventually the sweet truncheon he sports currently, this guy is rythme, he has the bass lines to prove it.

Local artists include The Headers, Mick hayes Band, The Road and more including 10,000 Maniacs with the revered, Natalie Merchant.