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Feb 24, 2011

Quite an interesting show this week for Clyborn, the first of many themed shows, this one subtitled the "Love, Romance and Sex Edition". Join the C Man as he delves into his red-eye special, straight from the dance clubs of SF to the air for your listening pleasure. Movie of the week is saucy, if your not a shut in, think minimums. Blues News is appropriate and yet very disturbing, love is a four letter word after all. Stimulating sound beds, scary sponsers, rude calls and all that listeners have come to expect from the Bear Grylls of allwnyradio.

An albumside from a local artist is showcased, tune in to find out who. Local music from Johnny Soul, Frank Grizanti, Terra Nova Band and more...


diane mingus
over ten years ago

Wha'happened? Please change text to any color but black. Very difficult to read. You're makin' my eyes bleed over here.

Thanks. I'm gonna go listen now. At least I can find the button. Ha!