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Dec 30, 2010

This week on The Clyborn Yates Show, the final installment of 2010, a true barn-burner if ever there was one.(I don't know what that means either...) Even with their schedualed trip to Bora Bora cancelled, Clyborn and Yolanda make the best of being stuck in SF for the holiday. There's still plenty of entertainment as they proceed to empty his bungalo's wet-bar...

Yolanda's Wisdoms,(Where's she get this stuff?) Oldies Trivia,(It's a tongue twister...) Inebriation, (Clyborn's specialty...) Slidewhistle galore (Swellmarts best...) and the never ending quest for the perfect cup o' joe.

It wouldn't be right to end this season without an interview that will leave you enlightened, spotlighting a band that has rocked WNY's local scene for many a year, Tommy and the Two Tones. Tune in for Clyborn's sit down with Tom, Bill and Mouse as they weave tales of life, a barn, a broken guitar neck and the "Kansas Police". This pow wow includes a LIVE performance from Tom, who picks up an accoustic and kicks out some jams for all to groove to.