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Apr 27, 2012

The misadventures of Clyborn and Chloe continue, from sunny SFCA at the Yates Estate, where the bars close early, but the party never stops. Stimulating banter, Gilligan, pasta, fruity wussie vodka, slidewhistle du jour, dognuts, confusion, progressive inebriation and some of Chloe's Wisdoms that hit home...(below the beltline) Movie of the week could be a replay, or not, perhaps it's a sandwich, or an otter...if you know what "blooker" means in German, your on the right track, if not, ride the mushroom cloud. Bet accordingly.

A replay of the Harvey Murello interview, frontman for Harvey and the Hurricanes, a blues/classic rock band from WNY. If you missed out the first time around, ice the brews, shine your shoes and get ready to cut rug.

Local sustenance from Mick Hayes Band, The Children, The Wynne Band and our always cherished, patron saint of the Clyborn Yates Show, Natalie Merchant.