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Jan 28, 2010

Yowza Yowza Yowza,

Today is an exciting day all-over the world. People of every denomination and of every class are rejoicing in the streets because of the return of Cornelius the Human back to the United States. After 5 months on a diplomatic mission to better the image of 'humans' all over the world.

On the show this week we talked to and heard music from our very special guests The Fated Grey. I believe they played up to 4 songs live and acoustic in studio for us and we played a few of their recorded tracks that can be found on the MySpace and the Facebook. The Fated Grey boys were great, they help us take down 2 thirty-rocks and a quart
of Bath-tub-Gin.

There were Michelobs, References to 13th Century Italian-Epic-Poetry, John Stamos Interview, Stamos was also making Greek-Margaritas, We judged, we pleaded, we didn't get served, Noah came down for a bit, we called up Detective Carl Langley for another update on his latest case, and we helped the Ambassador get more adjusted to the world outside Mexican death-camps.

Tune in this coming Tuesday for the Return of Cornelius....

Stay Sippin'
Skat Jones
Cornelius the Human
the Ambassador
and starring Chris Miguel Finitz as the Viceroy Ales/Kevin McCallistor