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May 26, 2011

Yowza Yowza Yowza,

Gentlemen and Ladies, you know what day of the week it is.... Tuesday, and it's time for another Sippin' Skotch Episode.... it's #68, tell ya I never thought we would get this far....but just as you can count on how every Huey Lewis and the News Song starts the same, you can can count on us to damage our livers, hearts, and sex drives all for the pleasure, enjoyment and fullfillment of your every auditory desire.

The Dutchess Returns tonight...Gene Gene the Dance Machine, DDE, BUff Buff Pass, the Professor, and myself, the Skat Man Jones, will all be at your begging-listen, tonight there will Michelobs, Hate, Grates, Gates, Traits of Unknown Origin, ROUS's (Rodents of Unnatural Size) A look at the new summer Blockbusters, this day in history, and of Course Frank Stallone.....

Listen tonight at Love You.....

Stay Sippin',

Skat Jones
Cornelius the Human
Buff the Magic Dragon
the Professor Charles Louis
Gene Gene the Dance Machine
the Dutchess