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Feb 26, 2009

We are joined this week by an old friend, Tredd the Minion, who enlightens us with what he's been up to.  We've got a new theme and most improved set up after our studio upgrades.  It's a great show all around that Thumb and Noah will burn eternally in the fires of doom for making.  Enjoy!

Noah's Band of the Week - New Clear Fusion, a funky funkin band from the Majestic Queen City (that's Buffalo for all you downstaters).

Crazy Band from Crazy Towns - The Southern Tier is home to lovely and wondrous Frewsburg, NY.  Home to our good friend Chris Bell and many bears as well as many cool bands like the Full Connor and Terminus Est who, in case you haven't heard, live in the 4th dimension of reality.

We've got Vince Neil's new tequila in studio, along with the Reverend, Buddy Nuggs and his friend Smokey who has one hell of a story about attempting to fly to Amsterdam.  Ouch.